19 November 2014

VLOG & Diary Post: Mending a Broken Heart, Part Time Job and Busy Lifestyle

Tonight, I felt like taking some time out to write up this post on how I've been feeling. Daily blogging was something I did very often when I was younger, before I got into the whole beauty blogging/youtube thing.

So...I have been on a roller coaster of emotions for the past 3 weeks. After almost 2 years and 4 months, Ray and I decided to part ways. He frequently(ish) appeared in my photos and YouTube videos, some of which have already been set to private. Obviously he was a huge part of my life, so I wanted to mention this before people ask me about him again / start coming up with silly ideas. We didn't have time for each other and it was also time for us to focus more on ourselves, especially now that we're both so busy and this point in our lives is extremely important. The night we made our final decision was heartbreaking, but at least we're still friends and we talk sometimes. Since I live far away from my family and friends, I found the first week to be very tough. However, people often messaged and called me to make sure I was okay and it was nice to gain comfort through that. I felt like crap and cried whenever I thought about it, so being busy helped me a lot. I managed to pick myself back up and did things to make myself feel better again. I also made lots of plans to see my friends, so there's a lot to look forward to.

Enough about my boo-hoo story, time to move onto the next topic. I was constantly on the move from June to September...Recap: I moved home for a few weeks, went to Morocco, interned in Nottingham for 2 months (when I was free, I visited home/London (a few times), Birimingham and Manchester). After my internship finished, I moved back home for 2 weeks and finally, I settled down in my current University accommodation. I had a hard time trying to adapt to my lifestyle because I got so used to staying in one place (aka my old uni room) and I did hardly anything during first year. I'm now way into second year of University and my timetable and coursework are keeping me so busy. Whenever people find out I'm studying Media Studies - they automatically say 'you're doing something easy' or they question what it is. Truth is, no subject at University is 'easy.' Just like other courses, we write long essays and do research and presentations too. My course is actually Sociology based, so we learn about that as well. I'm making a Documentary Film this semester, so I've been going out to film until late these days...and what I'm doing is really not that fun. Oh and I have to sit through a boring four hour lecture every friday afternoon (zzzzz).

I study and do University work during weekdays and I work on weekends. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I have a part time job at Muji. Weekends mean nothing to me now because I basically never rest. I only got a job because I really do need money (rent is so expensive) and I don't want to borrow money from my parents. Honestly, I really enjoy working at Muji! I love the people I work with and we have a super multi-cultural team. I'm the youngest and my colleagues take care of me a lot. I'm really glad they don't treat me like a little girl just cause I'm younger than them. I always think 'work hard, play hard' but I don't have the time to play hard xD. Even though it's tough having so much on my plate, I don't really have much to complain about. This is all great experience and I suppose it's a part of growing up. Have you guys heard of the quote 'to open new doors, you must close some'? I can relate to it so much right now.

Before I end the post here, I want to apologise for slacking a bit with my blog. You guys know the reason now. Although, I am surprised I've been able to upload a video on my YouTube channel once a week! I guess I just find it easier to film and edit because it's something I enjoy. Anyway, here is my most recent 'Nicole Rambles' Vlog:

You can see what I get up to over on Instagram: @n.hyc. I deleted most of my photos because my page looked messy and I wanted to start fresh. Have a good evening everyone!

10 November 2014

Swatches of Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipsticks [#7, #9, #12 & #22]

Most Lip Tints dry out my lips, but not the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipsticks!

Before I begin, I wanted to let you know that I have a more in-depth review of shade #10 Raspberry Red Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick so you can take a look at that! This post is focusing on the swatches.

3 November 2014

BeautySplurge x Memebox

Last month, I received my first Memebox and it was a collaboration between BeautySplurge and Memebox.

In this video, I reveal what this box offers.
Don't forget to watch in HD!

I'm afraid this box is sold out, but Memebox has lots of other beauty boxes available! You can check them out here.