As the Summer season is coming to an end, I decided that now would be a good time to upload a new favourites video. 

I actually haven't purchased any new makeup products for around two months now, so I've been using pretty much the same stuff (this is more like a June - August Favourites). I'm also a creature of habit and have lots of unopened products that have taken up a lot of space, so I decided that it would be best to stop spending money and use up what I have.

Products Mentioned:
• Petitfeé Black Pearl and Gold Hydrogel Eye Patches
 Innisfree Skinny Microcara [Waterproof]
 The Face Shop Dual Veil Concealer
 Too Cool for School Milk Tint [#3]
 MUJI 2015 Planner
 MUJI 0.5 Gel Pens
The brand Light Before Dark has been impressing me a lot with their recent pieces.
The style ticks all the right boxes; simple, edgy and chic.

I developed a fondness for white clothing since the start of summer, which stopped me from wearing black. However the weather has been getting cooler these days, so I'm allowing myself to incorporate black back into my outfits.

This skirt from Light Before Dark is not like the usual basic maxi. It's sort of a wrap skirt, accessorised with a long tie belt and two silver D-rings on the side. The length is perfect for me and I like how it shows a bit of leg when you walk/sit down. This originally costed around £42, so I was so stoked to find it on sale.
Klairs is one of my favourite Korean brands and they've just released a new product. I'm dying to try it out!

The best thing about this concealer is that it's made from all natural ingredients and it's suitable for those with sensitive skin. It claims to have a moisturising soothing formula that provides excellent coverage. 

The only BB Cream I use is also made by Klairs, so I'm expecting this new Concealer to be awesome as well. You can check out the swatches over at Wishtrend. It's also the only online store that sells this Concealer at the moment.

Enter 'WISHAUG2015' at check for 10% off orders over $55 -OR- 'WISHGIFTAUG2015' for a free box of COSRX Cotton Puffs!
Your new manager says the company's dress code is 'smart casual' and you're probably thinking 'how is it possible to find the right balance between looking smart and casual?!'

I believe there are two types of 'smart casual' - casual smart casual and smart smart casual. I'm totally cool with this dress code when I'm going out for fun, but when it's for work...I worry so much! For example: 'what if this is too casual and inappropriate? But I don't want to look too smart!'

Next week, I will be working in the office so I put together a few outfits in advance to save myself some lots of time in the mornings. I included three of them in this new video! And as a bonus, I also share one of my go-to smoothie recipes with y'all :-)

Details of the outfits are at the end of this post.

The song in this video is called 'Pacing' by Tep No and it gave me some inspiration. I spent last night planning and the whole of today filming and editing. I tried out different angles and different editing techniques to create a style like this. I also focus on the details more than the entire outfits. Please let me know what you think! I am quite happy with the outcome actually.

My mind is filled with many video ideas but it is very difficult to make them come to life. I don't want to only make videos of me talking while sitting in the same spot for the entire duration. Many things are holding me back, the first one being that I am currently living back at home, in a small town that is somewhat far from the city (and I don't own a car so I can't drive myself and my equipment to nice locations).

I also have very high expectations for the content I create. I can end up deleting a project I spent hours on, even if one little detail irks me. These days, I just want to create high quality videos even if it means uploading less frequently, instead of uploading shitty videos more frequently.

Anyway, this blog post wasn't supposed to be so long but I got a bit carried away I guess. I hope you guys enjoyed the video!

First Outfit

Second Outfit
• ZARA Houndstooth Trousers (similar)
• Casio Watch

Third Outfit
• ASOS Crop Shirt (since it's cropped, it would be better to wear a vest underneath to ensure your skin won't be exposed)
• Casio Watch

Oh, and which outfit did you like the most? :-)