14 August 2014

Review of Innisfree's Skinny Microcara

This is Innisfree's Skinny Microcara and never have I ever seen a mascara wand so thin and delicate!
I've been reaching out for waterproof mascaras for years now, because they hold the curls and just tend to work well on my lashes. My eyes also tear up every single time I yawn, so they're great for when I have morning classes.

Review of Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cleanser

Most of you are aware that I love the skincare products from Klairs, so when Wishtrend* informed me that they were going to send the cleanser from Klairs to me, I was super pumped.

19 July 2014

NHYC x JYUKIMI: Snacks Haul!

Due to my internship, I'm up in Nottingham for 2 months and luckily for me, Jess from JYUKIMI lives here, which means we are able to do collabs together.

Jess has always been a family friend, but we only recently started growing closer because of blogging, youtube and common interests. I'm very happy to be able to have her spend time with me whilst I'm up here, otherwise I'd probably be extremely bored when I'm not at work.

We are going to create a lot of collaborations, so do keep an eye out and check back to our youtube channels for the upcoming videos.

Here is the second collab we've done together, it's something different to my usual content but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.


Caramel Corn
Corn Crisps
Meiji Mini Assorted Chocolate
Puccho Stick Candy - Grape Flavour
Lotte Chococo White Biscuits
Lotte European Waffles x2
Koala's March - Strawberry and Cocoa White Chocolate Flavours
Pocky - Choco-Banana and Chocolate Flavours
TAIWAN Mushroom Chips
Boy Bawang Chichacorn - BBQ Flavour
Wang Wang Lonely God Crackers - Seaweed Flavour
Matcha Green Tea KitKats
Vitacoco Coconut Water Lemonade
Nestea Lemon Tea
Self-Heal Spike Drink

Saatchi Gallery

It was Ray and I's 2 year anniversary earlier this month and we went to visit the Saatchi Gallery. There were quite a few interesting things to see and I definitely enjoyed myself there.

Big ants made from wood