Innisfree is one of my favourite Korean brands, so of course I'd do a haul.

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Products:Innisfree Nail Polishes [#42 & #111]
Innisfree Eco Nail Remover
Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip and Eye Remover
Innisfree Eco Flower Lip Tint [Camellia]
Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Balm [#4]
Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick [#8]

Have you tried Innisfree before?
If yes, what are you favourite products and if no, what would you like to try?

The spatial illumination exhibition was something I wanted to visit, even before I arrived in Seoul.

So I was very happy when my Korean SNU buddy suggested we go together. There are 9 different lights in 9 different rooms. Each design is unique and I especially loved the multicoloured room 'Chromosaturation' by Carlos Cruz-Diez.

01 Neon Forms: Cerith Wyn Evans
02 Primary: Flynn Talbot
03 Line Fade: Erwin Redl
04 Chromosaturation: Carlos Crus-Diez
05 Mirror Branch Daelin: Studio Roso
06 My Whale: Tundra
07 Bourrasque: Paul Cocksedge
08 "Don't look into the light": Dennis Parren
09 Onion Skin: Olivier Ratsi
My blog and YouTube channel has been very quiet recently and I swear it's not because I was being lazy!

Hello everyone, how have you been? Sorry for being MIA, but things have been very hectic for me. I've been waiting for this moment to come so that I can let you know what's been going on/will be going on in my life~

Like the title says, I'll be going to study at Seoul National University - as an exchange student for the spring semester. This means I'll be moving to Seoul for a couple of months! After my final exams, I will fly to Hong Kong to spend time with relatives and other friends.

I've had a crazy amount of things to do: go through a few rounds of applications, send lots of emails, prepare documents, register for modules and apply for accommodation (aka dormitory/gwanaksa). *Sigh of relief* I'm super glad that everything has been confirmed now.

My flight to South Korea is on Tuesday and I'm really excited and nervous at the same time. I can't believe how fast time has gone by, even though it also felt like a really long wait. The whole process took about a year! Besides from doing all the preparation for Asia, I've been spending a lot of time with my friends and family too. I'll miss them all a lot as I'll be abroad for six months...and I'm also missing most of my friends' 21st birthdays which makes me feel so gutted.

- - - - - -

Before I start to get upset about leaving, let's go onto the main point. I'll be vlogging my adventures in Seoul and Hong Kong - my friend Simon even requested for weekly vlogs...which I don't know if I'll be able to do, but I shall try! So if you're interested in seeing the vlogs, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel: @yeojastyle.

There has also been a lack of hauls and reviews from me for the past half a year or so...and that's because I placed a shopping ban on myself. in order to save up my spending money for shopping in Asia! Expect to see some hauls and reviews on my YouTube and blog in the future, okay?

That's all for now. I'll speak to you guys soon, from the other side of the world! ♡

Earlier this month, I went back to Iceland for a family holiday.

Unlike the time I went with my friend Grace, the five of us rented a car for 4 days and also lived outside of the city in an area called Selfoss. Our apartment was beautiful and cosy!

We also got to see the Northern Lights! It was incredible, but sadly I couldn't take any steady photos as I didn't take a tripod with me.

Iceland is really beautiful. The photos do no justice, so I suggest you watch my vlog~

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Near Grindavik
Near Grindavik
Near Grindavik
Harpa, Reykjavik
Harpa, Reykjavik
Harpa, Reykjavik
Our serviced apartment, Selfoss
Northern Lights
Northern Lights outside of our apartment
Inside the Geyser Cafe
Inside the Geyser Cafe; best Hot Chocolate ever
The Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon