My mum hit her big 50 this week and we went to dine at the Ritz.

One of my mum's closest friends came down to London to celebrate with her and we made the day extra memorable by going to places we've never been before. We had a nice girly day out which consisted of shopping and a LOT of food - Japanese BBQ for lunch, tea at Sketch London and dinner at the Ritz.

Floralpunk Earrings
American Eagle Wide Brimmed Hat
ZARA Off-White Bow Top | ZARA White Leather Jacket
UNIQLO Black Jeans | Topshop Platform Boots
&OtherStories Leather Cross Body Bag

I have never ever imagined myself dining at the Ritz before - it's the ultimate luxury hotel in London. So well known, so high class and costly. Of course I was surprised when I was told the night before that we were going to eat dinner there. Apparently the 'London Restaurant Festival' is taking place this week, so we were able to make a reservation at a discounted price!

For a special day like that, I wore a pair of lovely earrings from Floralpunk; I'm always wearing studs so it was a nice change. I also put on a nice white blouse which I'm currently in love with. It has 3/4 length sleeves and adds a touch of elegance to the outfit. Outerwear was necessary since it was raining that day, therefore I opted for an off-white leather jacket (I didn't want to wear my usual black one). I haven't worn this jacket much, but I purchased it a few years back when studs were apparently really trendy. I like the crop edge and sleeves! I also wore comfortable black jeans and my trusty platform boots. I definitely would've worn heels if we weren't walking around central during the day.

We had an amazing experience; we obviously expected no less from a fine place like this. The waiters were ever so I was about to sit down after returning from the restroom, one of them made a beeline towards my seat to push it in for me. I was confused, thinking that it was my mum standing next to me all of a sudden! The food was good and the atmosphere was great, but I did feel rather intimidated during the first hour since it was so high class. I'm definitely not used to luxurious things!
Happy October everyone! In this tutorial, I'll be sharing with you my daily makeup look for Autumn.

Products used:
This week's Wishlist Wednesday is all about Clothesminded, a new womenswear retailer.

One of the best summer to autumn transitional pieces is a Trench Coat and a sleeveless one is great for layering over cozy knits.

I'm not the biggest fan of brightly coloured clothing, but I'm liking this sheer top as the shade of pink is very subtle. I've also been looking for a nice side split top for a while now, and I think this one will look great for any occasion as you can easily dress it up or down.

I like to incorporate more patterns to my outfits in Autumn and this paisley printed dress with a high neck and short sleeves is cute and totally appropriate.

Dungarees are so easy to style; just throw one on top of a shirt and you're good to go. The weather is getting chillier day by day, so I think this would be a fantastic Autumn wardrobe staple.

Do any of these clothes tickle your fancy?
There's nothing better than winding down with a night filled with champagne, shopping and pampering sessions.

I recently attended USPAAH's very first event as their Marketing Assistant and it was located in the Amanda Wakeley flagship store in Mayfair. The place was luxurious, well decorated oh so beautiful. Guests who attended were able to enjoy an exclusive preview and 10% off the Amanda Wakeley AW15 collection as well as champagne, light nibbles and pampering services provided by USPAAH's Sparistas (that's what the therapists are called, unique right?)

I also acted as the photographer and videographer during the night and it was actually my first time attending some sort of a high-class event. Even though I was working and felt like an oddball being there, I had fun too! I went in a stylish comfortable all black outfit, which consisted of a v-neck blouse, culottes and pointed leather loafers.

If you haven't heard of USPAAH before, it's the only high end, on demand mobile spa service and they currently offer five different massages, manicures, pedicures and hair services. They're based in London and their mobile app launched in early July this year. It's only available on iPhones at the moment, but I know they have lots of exciting things coming up in the future.

The team of Sparistas were lovely and did an excellent job at pampering the guests, who all looked like they enjoyed themselves a lot. The night wrapped up with a speech from Iglika Ghouse (USPAAH's founder) and at that moment I felt super proud of her and the company! The team also prepared generous goodie bags and made sure the guests did not leave empty handed. The overall vibe of the event was great and one of my fave things were the customised Macaroons with USPAAH's logo (I ate one before I left and ended up wishing I had eaten more haha).

You guys can watch the event's highlight video over on YouTube and take a look at all the other photos on USPAAH's Facebook page.