The packaging of this mascara suits its name as it's quite princess-esque. The wand is in a cobra shape so I found it a bit difficult to use because I'm accustomed to using mascaras with smaller wands, for example Innisfree's Skinny Microcara.

I often stick to waterproof mascaras because they generally last longer and hold the curls better. This particular one from Essence does a good job at lengthening the lashes, however the consistency is very wet, so it takes a long time to dry. That's really inconvenient for when I'm in a rush. Not only that, the mascara doesn't hold the curls and make my lashes look sad and droopy, which is what I hate the most.

I think I received this Mascara in a beauty box a couple of months ago, so technically I did not really choose to buy it. I've given it a few tries, but it just doesn't work for me.

What is your favourite mascara?
Kew Gardens is a beautiful place and those who love nature should definitely consider to pay a visit. I knew there would be lots of walking involved, so I went quite casual with a cute pair of dungarees and white leather converses.

(Outfit details are in the video)

Photo Diary:

Sadly we didn't have enough time to see all the areas, but we plan to go back within the next couple of weeks so I'm excited.

Hello, long time no see!

I've been *extremely* busy since the end of April but I still tried to vlog whenever I had something interesting to do. This one covers four different days and I included shots of a few outfits that I wore. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Photo Diary:

I'm slowly easing myself back into the swing of blogging and creating YouTube videos. Hopefully I will upload more frequently again soon. Also, I'm most active on Instagram...Follow me @n.hyc if you're interested!

May has been a rough month, but I can finally relax a bit now that my second year of university has finished. Here are my May non-beauty favourites that got me through the month.

1. ZARA Leather Jacket
I can still clearly remember the day I bought this jacket. It was on my 18th Birthday and I was shopping shopping in Oxford Street. Since then, it has been a staple piece and has gone through thick and thin with me. If you live in England, you will understand how unpredictable the weather is. There was a lot of wind and rain during May and this baby kept me warm. Now that the weather is getting hotter, I think it's time to let it have some rest.

2. Green Tea KitKats
My parents spoilt me with lots of Green Tea snacks from Japan and these Green Tea KitKats were my fave. They're so yummy! I still have a couple left because I've been reluctant to finish them all since they're crazy expensive in the UK.

3. Personalised Notepad from Chroma Stationary
Chroma Stationary is based in the UK and they sell different types of notebooks in a huge range of colours. The best part is that they offer a free embossing service where customers can choose what they want to put on their notebook, in their chosen font and size. Customers can also choose to have either lined/grid/plain pages on the inside. My notebook is called 'Gabi' from the Ryton Spiral Bound range and for the embossing, I asked for my blog name in Silver and in the font 'Alpaca Solidify.' The book is made with good quality paper and card and I really love the simplicity of it. It's really light and I carry it around with me almost everywhere, so that I can jot down anything that suddenly springs to mind.

4. MUJI pens
MUJI has been a favourite brand of mine for years now and ever since I worked in one of the stores, I've accumulated a whole bunch stationary from them. The pens in the image are the 0.5 Smooth Writing Gel Ink Pens in black and red. I also use the 0.5 Gel Ink Pens (with a lid) on a daily basis, but they tend to stay in my room. I like to carry around the Smooth Writing Gel Ink Pens because they don't have lids (meaning I won't lose them) and they also have a clip on the end, which means I can attach them to my notebook when I'm on the go. MUJI pens are seriously the best! They glide really smoothly and never leak or bleed.

5. Brandy Melville Sweatpants
I have saved the best to last. May was a month filled with lots and lots of university assignments, so I was stuck in my room on most days trying to get all of my work done. Instead of wearing my old tacky sweatpants which I have had for years, I have basically been living in this pair. It is seriously so comfortable and soft!

What are your May Non-Beauty Faves?