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Memebox launched their own makeup line near the end of 2014 and I ordered myself the I'm Series Eyeshadow Duo Set, which consists of five duo eyeshadows.

#01 Sunset [Metallic Pink & Golden Orange]
#02 Wonderland [Golden Orange & Perlized Beige]
#03 Fallen [Warm Ivory & Golden Brown]
#04 Soul [Deep Wine & Wine Brown]
#05 Queen [Chocolate Brown & Deep Wine]
The swatches of these eyeshadows are on my YouTube channel [Click here to watch the video]. You will also see me creating two eye makeup looks - one is suitable for the day and the other for the night. Don't forget to watch in HD!

These eyeshadows have a good colour payoff and are extremely sparkly. By the end of filming, I had glitter all over my face and hands (don't worry, there's hardly any fallout with these shadows. It's just because I was taking off the eyeshadows and reapplying them for filming purposes). I don't like how some of the shades are repeated - it definitely would've been a lot better if every duo had different colours. Sadly, the colours from #01 Sunset don't show up very well on my just looks like I applied glitter on my eyes. #04 Soul is my favourite duo out of the five. Which shades are your fave and which eye makeup look do you prefer? ^^

You can purchase these eyeshadows [here]
The wind was crazy today, so it was immensely difficult trying to get some 'nice' photos without my hair flying everywhere. 

It probably wasn't a good idea going out without a coat, but I had really missed wearing this jacket. Today's outfit looks smart, which is the total opposite from my normal plain black/white attire. If I had an interview or a serious meeting, this is probably what I would wear.

Mango Blazer | Forever21 Shirt
ASOS Highwaisted Jeans | H&M Belt
Topshop Platform Shoes | &OtherStories Bag

I spent the second week of 2015 travelling around Spain, Italy and France. It was my first time going on a cruise, so I didn't know what to expect...but it turned out to be really fun!

05-01-15: Barcelona

06-01-15: Mallorca

07-01-15: On the ship

08-01-15: Naples

09-01-15: La Spezia

10-01-15: Savona

12-01-15: Back to reality...

I really wish I can just sleep through the rest of January! If you haven't seen part one of my travel diary yet, head on over to
This is the January Beauteque Beauty Bag/BB Bag!

A representative of Beauteque sent me this to try out, so here I am with an 'unboxing' post to show you what I received. The bag contains seven products and it is worth $75 at the price of $22. They ship to the US, Canada and Europe.

1. Mizon Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream
'Supremely hydrated and moisturised feet will be yours when you use this rich cream on theme! To use: massage into feet, toes and heels for the softest feet ever.'

2. Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream
'Moisturise and improve elasticity of skin with this luxurious cream. To use: dab onto face as the last step of your skincare routine.'

3. It's Skin Neck Patch
'Improve the skin texture and firmness of your neck. To use: apply to neck for 25 to 30 minutes. Remove and massage any remaining essence into skin.'

4. BRTC V Shaping Mask
'This ask does double duty moisturising, firming and contouring your face and neck. To use: follow the illustration on the back of the packet.'

5. Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint
'Use this to complete your whole look and make your lips sparkle.'

6. The Face Shop Lily Fresh Hair Mist
'This spray will make your hair smell nice.'

7. Milani Sunset Duo Blush and Bronzer
'This incredible multitaskter is like bling for your skin. To use: blend with brush and apply to apples of cheeks.'
In addition to the seven products, there was also a sleeping mask and of course the makeup bag which comes in handy for when you go travelling. I personally dislike the pattern of the sleeping mask and I already have my Ted Baker makeup bag, so I probably won't be using those.

I was overwhelmed by the different types of products that came in this month's bag. A lot of them are things I have never considered to try and I am new to some of these brands such as Mizon, BRTC and Milani. One thing that confused me the most was the random Milani product because it's not a Korean brand...however, I have heard lots of things about Milani before and they don't have it over in the UK. It's going to be interesting trying these products out. Hopefully they will work out for me! If they do, I will most definitely create a blog post reviewing them.

You can order your beauty subscription now at for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. The more months you sign up for, the more you save. Orders placed after January 15th will get bags starting with the February bag, which will also be awesome.