Denim Jeans will always be a wardrobe staple.

I now own over 15 pairs (whoa) I picked my most favourite ones and styled them for this video. Let me know which pair you like the most and which brand is your fave when it comes to Denim Jeans.

→ Watch the video here

Quadriple Denim? (Nah I'm just kiddin')

Denim Jeans (in order shown):
• BDG White High Waisted Mom Jeans
UNIQLO Regular Jeans (Altered length)

October was a hectic month with multiple birthday celebrations, work, halloween and travelling.

I put together a chatty catch up video and incorporated all my random vlog footage into it!

Follow me to London, Hatfield and Sheffield and see how I achieved my new hairstyle and colour:

→ Watch the video here ←

How was your month of October? Also, should I participate in VLOGMAS this year? 

A sleeveless trench coat is the ideal piece for that transition into Autumn.

Last week, I briefly mentioned that I was interested in this sleeveless trench from Clothesminded. I was confused (and over the moon)when they sent one to me, as I originally thought they were just going to send me a plaid shirt (which they also did).

This is the first camel coloured outerwear that I own and I'm very happy with it! It's very easy to style and the length is just right for me, as it just covers the bum. You can easily adjust the strings around the waist; leave it untied for a more casual look or tie it into a bow so that it's cinched at the waist. I kept my outfit relatively simple with a a white shirt and black trouser leggings, along with a pair of platform boots and a cross body bag.

The quality of this trench is fantastic, which is something I didn't expect considering how it only costs £20 (usually when I'm ordering from online stores with low prices, the clothes that I receive are poorly made 80% of the time). All the pieces from Clothesminded are reasonably priced, so it's a great site to shop at for students like me.

*Disclaimer: this piece was sent to me, but all opinions are mine.
My mum hit her big 50 this week and we went to dine at the Ritz.

One of my mum's closest friends came down to London to celebrate with her and we made the day extra memorable by going to places we've never been before. We had a nice girly day out which consisted of shopping and a LOT of food - Japanese BBQ for lunch, tea at Sketch London and dinner at the Ritz.

Floralpunk Earrings
American Eagle Wide Brimmed Hat
ZARA Off-White Bow Top | ZARA White Leather Jacket
UNIQLO Black Jeans | Topshop Platform Boots
&OtherStories Leather Cross Body Bag

I have never ever imagined myself dining at the Ritz before - it's the ultimate luxury hotel in London. So well known, so high class and costly. Of course I was surprised when I was told the night before that we were going to eat dinner there. Apparently the 'London Restaurant Festival' is taking place this week, so we were able to make a reservation at a discounted price!

For a special day like that, I wore a pair of lovely earrings from Floralpunk; I'm always wearing studs so it was a nice change. I also put on a nice white blouse which I'm currently in love with. It has 3/4 length sleeves and adds a touch of elegance to the outfit. Outerwear was necessary since it was raining that day, therefore I opted for an off-white leather jacket (I didn't want to wear my usual black one). I haven't worn this jacket much, but I purchased it a few years back when studs were apparently really trendy. I like the crop edge and sleeves! I also wore comfortable black jeans and my trusty platform boots. I definitely would've worn heels if we weren't walking around central during the day.

We had an amazing experience; we obviously expected no less from a fine place like this. The waiters were ever so I was about to sit down after returning from the restroom, one of them made a beeline towards my seat to push it in for me. I was confused, thinking that it was my mum standing next to me all of a sudden! The food was good and the atmosphere was great, but I did feel rather intimidated during the first hour since it was so high class. I'm definitely not used to luxurious things!