16 June 2017

O-LENS Secriss Coral Gray Lenses

Ah, I remember how I used to be so incredibly obsessed with wearing coloured circle lenses. I was a little kpop fangirl, who would be on Tumblr for at least 3 hours a day and I was without a doubt highly influenced by the '얼짱 (ulzzang) craze' - a cute doll-like style, which reached its peak around 2013.

Six years later and I have found myself becoming interested in circle lenses again.

03 June 2017

Seoul 2016 | My Third Home

Last year, I went to study at Seoul National University for one semester as an exchange student and I was there from late February to early July. If you're looking to visit South Korea, I recommend you go during Spring. Cue warm weather, longer days, beautiful cherry blossoms and new beauty and fashion looks. I met many people — some who I believe will be life-long friends, explored many places and tried lots of new things. Most importantly, I stepped out of my comfort zone and wow, what a life changing 5 months it was. I vlogged my life in Seoul and shared my experience as a SNU exchange student — check out this playlist!

Looks like I'm spending this evening reminiscing all those wonderful moments (this is very image heavy).