11 December 2017

Does the journey of personal growth have to be this lonely?

As life goes, plans fall through and what you had once expected turns out to be false hope.

29 June 2017

Paris 2017 | 9 Hours in the City

My best friend from Hawaii paid the UK a visit back in Dec/Jan and I took her to Paris for the day. Albeit feeling like death due to having barely any sleep the night before, I enjoyed the mini trip in the company of someone so dear to my heart.

28 June 2017

Greece 2017 | A Week in Lindos, Rhodes

Having completed my final year of university, I spent a week in Greece to celebrate the end of an era. I took my dear mumma with me as I knew the special lady needed to take a well deserved break as well! Those seven days consisted of mostly relaxing and eating, which I captured in a vlog as well as photos. You can watch my vlog through this link.

16 June 2017

O-LENS Secriss Coral Gray Lenses

Ah, I remember how I used to be so incredibly obsessed with wearing coloured circle lenses. I was a little kpop fangirl, who would be on Tumblr for at least 3 hours a day and I was without a doubt highly influenced by the '얼짱 (ulzzang) craze' - a cute doll-like style, which reached its peak around 2013.

Six years later and I have found myself becoming interested in circle lenses again.

03 June 2017

Seoul 2016 | My Third Home

Last year, I went to study at Seoul National University for one semester as an exchange student and I was there from late February to early July. If you're looking to visit South Korea, I recommend you go during Spring. Cue warm weather, longer days, beautiful cherry blossoms and new beauty and fashion looks. I met many people — some who I believe will be life-long friends, explored many places and tried lots of new things. Most importantly, I stepped out of my comfort zone and wow, what a life changing 5 months it was. I vlogged my life in Seoul and shared my experience as a SNU exchange student — check out this playlist!

Looks like I'm spending this evening reminiscing all those wonderful moments (this is very image heavy).