16 June 2017

O-LENS Secriss Coral Gray Lenses

Ah, I remember how I used to be so incredibly obsessed with wearing coloured circle lenses. I was a little kpop fangirl, who would be on Tumblr for at least 3 hours a day and I was without a doubt highly influenced by the '얼짱 (ulzzang) craze' - a cute doll-like style, which reached its peak around 2013.

Six years later and I have found myself becoming interested in circle lenses again.

I used to spend all of the money I earned from my part time job on circle lenses and now that I think about it, it was such a waste! I would literally put them on, snap some pictures and then put them back into their cases — it was rare for me to wear them out of the house.

Black, blue, brown, pink, purple, green and grey were the colours I had tried — had to skip the red and white because they were way too out of the ordinary for me! Grey was definitely my favourite colour for lenses though. It's not exactly a natural shade, but it can appear subtle depending on the design...for example the ones featured in this post.

I recently purchased a pack of 1-day lenses from a Korean brand 'O-LENS' and it's from the Secriss range. One pack comes with 20 individual lenses and I went for the 1-day type, simply because taking care of them requires less effort and I know I'll only wear them occasionally. They feel a lot more comfortable than the lenses I used to wear from GEO, EOS and G&G...it's like they're a lot thinner, like soft lenses.

This design has a 14.2 diameter and the colour is coral grey, so they don't look ridiculously unusual. In fact, they're quite hard to notice unless people are looking at you from a close distance. I think they look pretty and add a nice touch to my makeup. There's also an added bonus of UV protection, which is pretty cool.

Have you tried coloured lenses before?

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