29 June 2017

Paris 2017 | 9 Hours in the City

My best friend from Hawaii paid the UK a visit back in Dec/Jan and I took her to Paris for the day. Albeit feeling like death due to having barely any sleep the night before, I enjoyed the mini trip in the company of someone so dear to my heart.

During those nine hours, we visited the Louvre, Angelina Patisserie, La Conciergerie, Notre Dame, the street of Rue de Rivoli and of course the Eiffel Tower during sunset. It was a beautiful sunny day, but it became freezing as the night greeted us.

Angelina is supposedly a very famous patisserie and we tried the 'Mont Blanc', 'Paris New-York' pastry, Carrot Juice and Hot Chocolate. Although everything was well presented, we were very disappointed and felt that everything was too overpriced. The centre of the Mont Blanc was just plain cream and according to Sally, the Carrot Juice didn't taste good at all.

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